Womens Circles...

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If everything is energy then it stands to reason that there is considerable power available to us when we manifest and hold the space for each other. Collaborative manifestation is what occurs when we hold in our hearts, our own desires and the yearnings that our fellow soul sisters are in search of. For in the sharing of dreams, desires and yearnings,we give words that are audible to not only ourselves, to other women but to the universe. We call in, invite in from something bigger than ourselves an energy that can assist us in our journeys and transformations.

Our hearts often ache to belong, to find a place that is so much more than the photo shopped, often masked version or edited version that are often present over social media. The disconnected yet ‘pseudo connected’ version of having various friends on Facebook and Instagram, really cannot compensate for the yearning that we have as social beings, to actually be in the presence of other ‘real people’.

People who just like you and me, are grappling with by- products of our wiring, our legacies on how to be/ behave/ think and feel that have found their way making commentary on almost every move we make in the world. To be held, nurtured and supported within a community, a safe place to land with other women who are equally grappling with their own inner journeys and processes as women, as partners, perhaps as mothers, as someone’s daughter, perhaps as a sibling to another and to friends and colleagues.

The offerings of the feminine togetherness where-by there is support, celebration, ritual and a going within to assist us in ‘going back out’… Much like the tired body that yearns for a day at the hot springs or an overdue massage, our souls, our psyches equally need the same level of TLC that we aim to give our bodies (or at least ideally aim towards). So come and gather, your fellow tribe are looking for you, just as much as you may be seeking out themType your paragraph here.

​A place that exists where we can be,with no apologies and no excuses to feel and see things as we see and feel them. . A place to sit in the rawness of what life has dealt out, that may very well be in stark contrast to the poised and manicured pictures that we would prefer the world see in our other domains.

Perhaps sometimes women’s’ circles are also a safe place to land for us to work on becoming more comfortable with our own feelings of discomfort, knowing that things just like the seasons, have cycles too. A place to sit in the uncertainty, to become more confident in entrusting the unfolding of what- ever it is that lies ahead. I don’t believe this journeying is meant to be done in\ isolation….it is meant to be done in a tribe of fellow women who know only too well the stirrings, the triumphs, the little and bigger victories that make this expedition in life so mysterious.

Participating in a Women’s Circle- What can it offer me?

A Women’s Circle is a unique and dynamic yet personal gathering that provides women with a safe and protected space to speak their truth, to tune in with more than just their ears (the tuning into your own heart) and be supported in the knowledge that other women may be able to relate to your story and be able to hold a space as you share yours.

How is a women’s’ circle conducted?

Women’s circles generally commence with a “Check-In”, where by each woman gets to share anything from her triumphs, to her troubles, her victories essentially to share what she is experiencing in the moment. As each person ‘shares’ in the group participants give the space of uninterrupted attention. There is no need for commentary, or need to ‘fix’ the person who is sharing. An incredibly enriching and honoring space exists if when the space of support, non-judgement and safety exist is availed.

​                                         A Safe Place to calm the chaos and silence the self-doubt.

Women’s circles can provide a safe place to be heard and understood. In our aloneness, our interpretations and experiences can become distorted, clouded and unsettling. Quite frequently women have found themselves silencing their stirrings, tossing their wants/needs on the ever mounting pile of ‘things to do list’, (usually often prioritizing everyone else’s over their own). Women often share they feel like they are ‘taken for granted’, feel over-burdened and very much unappreciated. The ‘intentional and purposeful space’ opens doors to address life’s issues in more productive ways.

But Is a Women’s Circle a good fit for me?-

Are you seeking-?

  • A gentle, supportive and nurturing environment that you can look forward to on a fortnightly basis?

  • ·Need some ‘time out’ that you won’t pay for the next morning (e.g. no hangover)

  • · A more nurturing supportive energy in your life.

  • ·A protected space that provides a place of anchoring where you can get clarity on things when things feel out of whack

  • ·A place where you can tap into your own inner wisdom and put a stop to the self- doubt and second guessing that leaves you spinning your wheels with resultant feelings of exhaustion.

  • A place to nurture your own emotional health, so that you will actually have more to give to those who rely on you