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Super VISION- Reflective Clinical Practice 


"Super-VISION" is safe, protected, and enriching space created for clinicians/therapists where you can talk freely and more importantly unguarded about the things that challenge, invigorate and inspire your clinical work with clients.

Perhaps you too have found yourself 'deliberately selecting client cases' out of fear of feeling like you are in the 'hot seat' by either colleagues, team leaders or supervisors as you do case presentations. That dreaded feeling of 'walking into the firing line', feeling like anything you say is going to be scrutinized or harshly judged. Or perhaps where you feel you will be criticized for 'not doing enough'.... or 'doing too much'. The all too familiar feeling of defensiveness is often reported by the clinicians I work with.

"Because the reality is YOU have the working relationship with YOUR client', YOU know YOUR client better than any therapist. So why do we as clinical peers feel entitled to impose what interventions you SHOULD apply to your clinical work"

"Super-VISION" offers a personal reflective space that applies the same elements in supervision that I use for clients to feel safe in therapy and groups. It is a space where-

  • ​You can pause and ponder, 'the dreaming and scheming' of where you are going with clients and perhaps your career.
  • Where any potential vulnerability that is being generated in you that is manifesting from client work is honored and recognized. I respect that there is a lot in the field and recognize the discomfort that this can generate for clinicians.
  • You are being reached, met and heard as you explore any potential blind spots or consistent or underlying themes that may be occurring for you or perhaps your clients.
  • You can experience meaningful self- discovery in your client work. A place where fullness and richness can emerge that ultimately assists you in refining your skills and practice.
  • You reduce the chance of burn out by releasing the heaviness of the work and reigniting the passion for the work you do....