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Emotional Eating/ Dealing with Shadow Comforts


You know it’s really hard when you are a highly sensitive person or have high levels of empathy. Perhaps like many of the people I work with, you get so overcome by intense and overwhelming emotions, where you just want to escape the enormity of the unpleasant feelings that flood your body. Maybe, like many empaths, you seek ‘temporary’ refuge in food (emotional eating) or are indulging in other ‘secret comforts’ just to try to put a buffer between you and the enormity of the feelings you experience.

You may be so sick and tired of the perpetual cycle of endless diets, exercise programs, diet shakes and continually fall prey to the latest ‘fad’ promoting fast and ‘effortless’ weight loss only to find yourself back to square one accompanied by the all too familiar feelings of frustration, despair and helplessness.

You are far from alone and the despairing cycle exists whether it be emotional eating or other substance use. Perhaps just like you, I too have battled with my own secret shadow comforts and the vicious and unrelenting cycle of emotional eating for more than half of my life… a battle that very few people would have ever known I was fighting.

The ability to sit comfortably in ones’ own skin without being at the mercy of a ‘tug of war’ where food is concerned (or other indulgences), is truly the biggest gift you will ever give yourself.

‘Tapping for weight Loss’ provides not only the map, but also the key to open the door to a battle free life where food or substance use is concerned. It truly is a life changing program that offers so much more than just an altered relationship to eating. I am truly committed to walking the path with you (whether that be face to face or on-line) to provide you with necessary skills and tools that will assist you in altering your relationship to emotional eating (or other attempts to self-soothe).