Does any of this sound or feel familiar?.....

Children and Young People......


Phone: 0403 055 106

Utilizing a range of expressive therapies and art therapies​, I CHOOSE HAPPY works with children, tweens and teenagers in creative ways to engage them (and keep them committed) to the counselling process. 

The  'I CHOOSE HAPPY'  cottage / studio  tucked away in the scenic Dandenong Ranges over looks a lush forest and was specifically built to provide a non-clinical  and homely atmosphere that generates a sense of calmness and relaxation the  moment you enter the door. Clients often just instinctively 'kick off their shoes' and curl up or sprawl out on the couches.  I am yet to have someone who has not 'fallen in love' with the energy and feeling that the 'cottage' provides. 

If you are a parent who struggles to get your child to engage in getting help or support, please reach out.


You are tearing your hair out because of the amount of time that you need to take off from work because your child is sick with 'tummy troubles' or other 'odd ailments' when ever going to school is mentioned

Feeling torn and frazzled (and lets be truthful even 'annoyed') that your child continually clings to your leg when trying to do school drop off.  You feel you have an epic battle on your hands just getting your kid into the class. 

You look a mess and cant' stomach another night of broken sleep due to your child's nightmares/ night terrors that do not seem to be resolving. Your family is all grating on each others nerves because of the continual sleep deprivation.

* You desperately try to avoid eye contact and conversation with your child's school teacher or you find yourself avoiding phone calls from the school  because you just know you are going to 'be spoken to' about how your child has violated the school rules (yet again). 

Your teen is spending more and more time alone in their self imposed prison (AKA - the bedroom). You wonder where your child's social skills went when all you get is a 'grunt' for a 'hello' these days. . You feel disconnected, shut out and your mind is full of worries and doubts as to whether they are depressed, anxious, 'on drugs' or battling with some bullying.

​You are noticing 'injuries' on your teen and you feel hopeless, helpless and clueless as to how to help them better manage their hurts and emotional pain. (heck you may even be secretly fearful that may be suicidal).

You are ravaged by guilt that your relationship is falling apart or has ended and you just know your kids are struggling adjusting to the changes. You know as a parent you instinctively want to protect your children and ease their suffering. You feel drawn to give your child a safe space to work through their feelings and reactions to the loss. You also know you are not objective enough to be their sounding board (because you are either fuming, sad or going through your own process too).

It breaks your heart (and your child's) when you have to send your child off to school knowing that school is not a sanctuary for your child....its your own childs' personal hell and you know that they don't have the life skills to deal with the pressures on their own.​​