​​​​​​​​​​Hello there gentle one.... let me introduce myself. My name is Maree Eisma and as a fellow empath and highly sensitive soul, I am also a qualified Counselor and coach was specializes in Emotional Eating if you are an empath. 

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​​                                                About Maree

​​I lost count of the times in my University and Counselling training that I scoured the books in the ‘quest’ of trying to understand what was actually ‘wrong’ with me. Surely I must have something in the DSM-IV or ICD-10 to account for my ‘symptoms’….Sure I knew I was different. I only had to look back on my school days to know that.  Perhaps if you identify as an Empath or sensitive soul you too can relate......

The many days of felt alienation at school because its hard to relate to peers when you as an empath, have a maturity that goes beyond your chronological age. Then there is the all too familiar dread of peer conflict that upsets you horrendously, if peers around you are in battle. Empaths dislike conflict immensely and they struggle with their own and others trepidation and anxiety, whether it be sitting tests or awaiting inoculations. Then there is the sensory onslaught at school- teachers talking, peers talking, the energy of every one…and let’s not start on the harsh fluorescent lighting in the classrooms. Then for me personally, the day I just simply couldn’t dissect the frog in Science, because my heart hurt to see it lie there. How could a school system collude with this? I sat bewildered and nauseated.  But I sucked up my question asking, it appeared no one else was impacted. So again I sat there feeling different and alone.

Then there was the subjection to the nightly news over our family dinner….I only recently realized my tendency to ‘eat quickly’ came from my strong desire to eat and run…. Away from the continual emotive stories that featured on the news- the quietness at the table that only made for the intensity of the news stories to scream louder.

As an empath you may be so deeply moved by movies and music to the point that you may hold back tears in a desperate attempt to ‘look normal’ in the presence of peers, despite feeling anything but ‘normal’.

Empaths spend considerable time pondering deeply about life, people, the universe and animals. The copious comments of ‘You think too much’ or the classic “Whats wrong with you’? ‘Why are you so deep”? does nothing to foster a highly empathetic persons sense of self. The sad thing is that in those formative years the empath or highly sensitive  child starts to quickly interpret that the ‘difference’ is often equated or internalized as ‘being too much’ or ‘burdensome’ or ‘unwelcome’. And there lies the commencement of the ‘internal battle’- the desire to ‘fit in’ (but not having a clue really how to do this) whilst  simultaneously divorcing oneself from their empathy and sensitivities. And we wonder why so many empaths have gravitated to drug or alcohol use or emotional eating. Is it really any wonder, when more often than not, empaths as children and young people have been extremely misunderstood,  their sensitivities have been used against them rather than nurtured or even never recognized. 

I feel such deep gratitude that my counselling role in schools enables me to help raise awareness in identifying and supporting the younger sensitive and empathic ones who walk among us. Furthermore I am thrilled to have created 'The Sanctuary for Sensitive Souls Studio'- a purpose built 'cottage' located in The Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne Victoria where I provide counselling sessions in a non clinical environment especially for sensitives/ empaths who struggle in medical clinics. It is an  ideal location for those who prefer to be seen in a more homely and less stimulating environment.