I CHOOSE HAPPY' was born out of that very 'dream' and in contrast to the all too familiar feelings that I was trying to mask with my own 'shadow comfort(s)'.

I have always been interested in what makes humans tick. It was this interest (on the background of life throwing me some 'challenging' curved balls) that my quest to understand human behavior drove me to study clinical social work and later various psychotherapies. However balancing out my personal lived experiences combined with a sound theoretical understanding of the complexity of 'being human' certainly equipped me with the required professional and ethical skills to 'companion' the journey of other women who are struggling as well. Struggles like  'just what it means to be a woman/mother' who has multiple roles, commitments, responsibilities, identities.... yet who has competing needs and wants of her own).

Armed with what I know didn't resonate (or work) with my clients which included various modalities that clients continually told me were unhelpful , I sought to learn about other approaches and techniques, ones that would offer my clients something different. Ones that I knew that impacted me in a profound way and ones that I felt I owed to share with clients. Truthfully I just knew I had a mission in the world to share what I knew.... 

I CHOOSE HAPPY offers a unique and creative, non-clinical space to help you step away from the sense of discomfort you are experiencing to one of embracing your own 'spark of light'. My mission is to support you to live comfortably in your skin, not do everything you can to escape from it.​​.......

You dream of how different your life could be ..... and it can be.

Contact: maree@ichoosehappy.com.au

Phone: 0403 055 106