-“It’s hard to move forward if you are always looking in the rear vision mirror”

But how can I escape my own body and brain (you say to yourself silenty?)

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Walking with you as you blossom into your potential

I am a qualified counselor and Health and Wellness Coach who loves working with women, adolescents and children who is committed to walking the path with you, as you navigate life’s many hurdles. I companion with you as you close the door on situations or behaviors that may no longer best serve your best interests, help you to shine a light on unexplored path ways and help you to clear a track so you can accommodate the necessary changes that you may be wanting (or desperately) needing to make.

I see my role as creating the space for that part of yourself to reveal itself, and once it becomes observable, we journey together along that path. Sometimes I see myself as a travel guide and other times your travel companion. Sometimes our work, means that I intermittently hold up a sign post or a map (of your creation) or meet you mid way on one of your many travels through this journey called life. 

No..... I don't have telepathy but if you feel that I have 'nailed' it when it comes to what you are going through.... the truth is, I relate because I have been there too.

Regardless you feel panicked as to how you can 'undo' yet another 'stuff up'

Are you a mum who feels like you are running a marathon.....but feeling less than equipped to go the distance?

Maybe just like the many women I work with you can really relate to the following.


​​​​That dreadful sense of ‘ground hog day’ that continually looms along with the ever present feeling of emptiness, that doesn't relent.

Your absent hunger that (truthfully) matches your 'care factor' or the opposite where you compuslively wanting to eat everything in sight, desperately trying to stuff food in to fill an ever emerging void.

Your mind is in constant marathon mode and you have not even got the kids to school yet. 

Since when did time become my enemy?  You feel it…. Your body feels it. Your shoulders tensed up around your ears, stomach in twists, that irritable and uncomfortable feeling…. Truthfully you would rather be anywhere than where you are right now. 

You face the world with your familiar forced fake smile, the mask you show to the world is a far cry from how ‘broken’ and ‘conflicted’ you feel on the inside.

 Your mind tortures yourself over 
the consequences of another food binge last night, or perhaps it was one too many rounds at the pokies, you had one too many wines (or some other substance), or you are now beating yourself up for another on-line shopping spree . 

You even maybe carrying guilt or shame because you have developed a romantic attraction for someone other than your partner (or are fastly falling out of love with them).

The exhaustion from the ‘secrecy' of all that is going on, is nothing short of a nightmare that you don't feel you can awaken from.

You are only too familiar with the predictable dance you have with yourself yet the feelings of shame, embarrassment keep you hostage. You are caught in the awareness that ‘things can’t keep going this way’…..and yet you feel paralyzed to do anything different. Truth is….. no one really knows your secret pain and you are understandably guarded about revealing to anybody how chaotic and messy your life has become.​​