Perhaps you are one of the 15-20% of the population who are just wired in such a way, that too much stimulation sends you into a total spin (the hustle and bustle of hectic shopping centers, loud trucks and other vehicles driving alongside you on hectic freeways, or trying to battle public transport on overcrowded commutes). Or maybe you walk past a sick or injured animal or fellow human and get overcome by physical sensations,emotional overload and just want to run and hide so you can cry at the intense feelings that flood your body. You may struggle so desperately to want to be in relationships with others, but you suffer the effects of complete emotional exhaustion or feelings of being engulfed upon having too much human interaction. You may find yourself continually debating about your desire to be alone, but then struggle with feelings of wanting a deep connection and feel deeply conflicted about this.

All the while you perhaps observe your friends appearing to love nothing better than to frequent places that feel utterly suffocating to you due to the total over stimulation such places evoke. You may even go as far as wondering if your placement on the planet was miss timed, and that you are trying to ‘fit’ and function in a time and place that is not of your choosing. Is it any wonder you feel alone? 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Finding your equilibrium as an empath

come in out of the bustle....

​A thicker skin actually wont protect my tender ,warm and big heart

If you find yourself struggling to co-exist as an empath / sensitive soul in a world that is often over-stimulating (and consequently exhausting), you are not alone​. ​​I work both in person, with groups and on-line with other ‘sensitive souls’ who struggle with stimulation overload that often leads to emotional overwhelm, exhaustion and considerable misunderstanding.

I am committed to walking the path with you to provide you with the skills to manage emotional overwhelm, as you navigate life’s many hurdles as an empath /sensitive soul.

I provide tools and techniques to help you deal with the impact of increased sensitivity and heightened empathy so you can move around in this world as someone who feels deeply but doesn't carry the dread and despair of having a big and tender heart.

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You know it’s hard if you are a highly sensitive person or perhaps endowed with being incredibly empathetic. Ask anyone who relates and you will often hear they have experienced comments that include “Will you ‘harden up”, “Grow a thicker skin” or “You think far too much”? Perhaps these statements have been thrown in your direction by others or perhaps you have muttered such statements to yourself, whilst you scold yourself for letting your emotions run away,  yet again. You may also be baffled at how other people can just ‘simply let hurtful comments, disappointments and other niggles’ just ‘wash off’ them, all the while you are replaying the experience over and over again unable to unshackle yourself from the emotional enormity of it all. 

Perhaps you have tried to open yourself up in counselling or therapy, only to have a therapist look bewildered as you try to communicate your deeper way of seeing, thinking and feeling in this world. Again that fracturing feeling happens all over again. You know that familiar sense of ‘being different’. One thing empaths often report to me over and over again is the feeling that they feel like they don’t belong on the planet.


"Many empaths are rightly sensitive to the many things that are actually wrong in the world"